Friday, November 28, 2014


(Photo credit: Evonne Teng)

After a year of preparation [maybe longer], I think it really paid off for Timmy and Tania for all their hard works in planning and getting everything sorted out for the most memorable day of their life. Not to forget all the great helps from their wonderful friends who partnered with them side by side since the first day of the planning! Well done everyone!

(Photo credit: Evonne Teng)

It was amazing to see how Timmy and Tania chose to honor God by putting God above their wedding! It wasn't easy at all to see the stress and tiredness that both of them had go through during the preparation especially all the obstacles that they faced. But they prayed and trusted God in every way for their wedding and also putting Jesus at the center of everything, from their marriage to their wedding ceremony! During the wedding ceremony, I was quite stressful because I wanted everything to go smoothly although I was just in-charge of smaller part but I was thankful that everything went well and also to see how God blessed their wedding, from good weather to every blessings that they received! After all, it is all about God and He deserves all the glories and praises!

 (Photo credit: Rodman Lim)

Timmy and Tania's wedding also knitted our family closer especially with our siblings and cousins. Not even Chinese New Year can gather all of us just like how this wedding ceremony did. I spent so much quality times with my brother, Kelvin; and being there to witness our dearest brother moving on to his next chapter of life together as siblings indeed it was a beautiful moment and also reading those beautiful and touching comments with full of appreciations and loves by our cousins on Facebook and Instagram showed that we spent our time together beautifully and bonded well during the wedding ceremony especially with all the beautiful pictures that we took together.

(Photo credit: Rodman Lim)

Timmy and Tania's beautiful Thank you speech touched my heart and brought so much tears to me [and also to our dearest family members], it reminded me so much about our struggling during our childhood especially how mummy had to go the extra miles to make sure that we grow up well and also our popo [paternity grandmother] as Timmy's role model and 'hero' who always make sure that there are foods on the table for the family. And he also shared some of his beautiful memories with daddy. After listening to Timmy's Thank you speech, my heart was full of gratitude to God for seeing our family through, from one season to another season. While Tania's testimony about praying specifically had impacted many of us!

Not to forget the beautiful wedding message by Pastor Gilbert; simple but powerful, a message with great reminder for Timmy and Tania and all the married couples who came on that day, to be thankful and do not complain and compare. But guess what, it spoke to many of us too that in our life, we must learn to be thankful and no complaining! How it could not be the wedding of the year when the guests went home not just with beautiful memories but also beautiful messages?

(Selfie with my brother's iPhone 6)

[CONGRATULATIONS again to both of you, Timmy and Tania! Have a blessed marriage ahead with lots of love and joy! :)]

p/s: post wedding ceremony; the cousins went for karaoke session! :P

 [Amazingly at 3am, we all still managed to smile! :))]

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