Friday, November 28, 2014


(Photo credit: Evonne Teng)

After a year of preparation [maybe longer], I think it really paid off for Timmy and Tania for all their hard works in planning and getting everything sorted out for the most memorable day of their life. Not to forget all the great helps from their wonderful friends who partnered with them side by side since the first day of the planning! Well done everyone!

(Photo credit: Evonne Teng)

It was amazing to see how Timmy and Tania chose to honor God by putting God above their wedding! It wasn't easy at all to see the stress and tiredness that both of them had go through during the preparation especially all the obstacles that they faced. But they prayed and trusted God in every way for their wedding and also putting Jesus at the center of everything, from their marriage to their wedding ceremony! During the wedding ceremony, I was quite stressful because I wanted everything to go smoothly although I was just in-charge of smaller part but I was thankful that everything went well and also to see how God blessed their wedding, from good weather to every blessings that they received! After all, it is all about God and He deserves all the glories and praises!

 (Photo credit: Rodman Lim)

Timmy and Tania's wedding also knitted our family closer especially with our siblings and cousins. Not even Chinese New Year can gather all of us just like how this wedding ceremony did. I spent so much quality times with my brother, Kelvin; and being there to witness our dearest brother moving on to his next chapter of life together as siblings indeed it was a beautiful moment and also reading those beautiful and touching comments with full of appreciations and loves by our cousins on Facebook and Instagram showed that we spent our time together beautifully and bonded well during the wedding ceremony especially with all the beautiful pictures that we took together.

(Photo credit: Rodman Lim)

Timmy and Tania's beautiful Thank you speech touched my heart and brought so much tears to me [and also to our dearest family members], it reminded me so much about our struggling during our childhood especially how mummy had to go the extra miles to make sure that we grow up well and also our popo [paternity grandmother] as Timmy's role model and 'hero' who always make sure that there are foods on the table for the family. And he also shared some of his beautiful memories with daddy. After listening to Timmy's Thank you speech, my heart was full of gratitude to God for seeing our family through, from one season to another season. While Tania's testimony about praying specifically had impacted many of us!

Not to forget the beautiful wedding message by Pastor Gilbert; simple but powerful, a message with great reminder for Timmy and Tania and all the married couples who came on that day, to be thankful and do not complain and compare. But guess what, it spoke to many of us too that in our life, we must learn to be thankful and no complaining! How it could not be the wedding of the year when the guests went home not just with beautiful memories but also beautiful messages?

(Selfie with my brother's iPhone 6)

[CONGRATULATIONS again to both of you, Timmy and Tania! Have a blessed marriage ahead with lots of love and joy! :)]

p/s: post wedding ceremony; the cousins went for karaoke session! :P

 [Amazingly at 3am, we all still managed to smile! :))]

Monday, October 13, 2014

It Was SO GOOD To See Them Again, The Godchasers!

When I was a college student, I was attending my brother's cell group, a young adult cell group, known as Godchaser. I was suppose to visit and join the campus youth cell group which is for people like my age but I chose to settle down at Godchaser cell group after my first visit.

Too young for a young adult cell group? Not at all! Looking back, God had groomed me well, shaped my characters and I had grew so much in my relationship with Him through this wonderful cell group for three fantastic years. After I graduated, I went back to my hometown to work and I moved on to new season of my life then as young working adult.

Today, I am not longer with the Godchaser but my heart is always full of gratitude every time when I see any of them at anywhere, whether in church or short catching up at mamak for supper or meeting up virtually at Facebook. Early this month, I got to meet up with some of them, beside than gratitude, my heart filled with great joy and it brought back so much memories. Some of them are parents now, some of them are husband and wife now, some of them are attending different cell group, some of them are migrated to somewhere else and some of them already moved on to a different phase of life. "Godchasers [you know who you are], no matter where you are right now, keep on chasing after Jesus and keep on shining for Him!"

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Being the Youngest in the Family.

Out of so many blessings that I received, having Timmy and Kelvin as my sibling is one of the BEST!

(from the left; my eldest brother, Timmy Lai and my second brother, Kelvin Lai)

Being the youngest in the family, I get a lot of attentions from them and also from my mum. I tend to have the attitude of wanting-to-get pampered but I wasn't brought up in such a way, therefore, ain't no pamper-ness here in my family!

Seriously, I missed growing up with my brothers. I don't have much childhood memories of growing up with them, maybe due to the age gap between both of them and I. Sometimes I wonder, how do they feel for having another younger brother? Do they feel excited to have another brother? Or do they get disappointed for not having a sister? My mum told me that actually my family was hoping for a baby girl but instead of getting what they were hoping, God gave them another boy and that's me! I know I wasn't in their plan but I wasn't an accident because I was fearfully and wonderfully created by God with a great purpose! And also because God wants to have the relationship with me, that's why He brought me to this world to enjoy His unconditional love.

(from the left; Timmy, Kelvin and I am the one on my mum's lap)

(from the left; me, Timmy and Tania)

My childhood memories with Timmy; He was the one who taught me how to cycle. One night, I remembered that I was with him on a bicycle and we were on our way to get something; suddenly we saw a snake on the road and both of us were so terrified! I am truly thankful and blessed that he brought me to Christ when I was 11 years old and my life was transformed gradually since then. 
Today; We are the bestest buddy! Sharing jokes and laugh out loud together, jokes that only both of us will understand. He always make sure that I have a proper meal and he even fetch me out to get McDonald's every time when I am hungry in the middle of the night. I thank God for the courage to make the decision to moved to Petaling Jaya to work and what a blessing indeed that I get to spend so much quality times with him before he is moving to his next stage of life of being a husband. Frankly, I am not ready to let him go but I know that he will be in good hands, someone who loves him very much and will take really good care of him!

(Kelvin and I)

My childhood memories with Kelvin; One very memorable moment with him was when we saw some kind of flying object that looks like U.F.O. that flew above us and we were chasing after it. No one actually believe on what we had saw as we were told them especially the adults. I used to play with him quite a lot especially with my toys.
Today; He is someone whom I miss very much especially spending time together. We are staying 349.7km away from each other. Thank God for technology where we get to keep in touch from time to time. It is always my mum's desire that I can go over to Singapore and work, so that I can accompany him, which is something that I wanted to do too but sadly it didn't come to past because I wasn't granted with the work permit to work there. Anyway, I am truly thankful that last year, God blessed us two special occasions where we get to spent some quality times together, one was our Hong Kong trip and another one was celebrating his birthday at Singapore and I am looking forward to more of it.

 (We are very much the Disney Kids!)

My dad didn't do much for his part as a father but I am thankful for both of them to fill in the gap in modelling me. Although I always refraining myself from getting pamper by both of them but I do enjoy getting their attention, well, being the youngest in the family, I always have the tendency to be pampered and spoiled at times. :P

 (from the left; me, Kelvin and Timmy)

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Holding On

Bidding farewell to May and welcoming June in really soon; [time flies!] 2014, what an interesting year for me! By my own strength, I already feeling so fearful to continue the journey because of many uncertainties that surprisingly took place and some happened probably due to the decision that I might had wrongly made.

Such a long time I never felt so defeated and tired to journey on the destination! Rushing to catch from one train to another train can be really tiring especially with heavy luggage of uncertainties and worries. Sometimes, I felt like I just want to stop at one particular station and stop moving!

[Stop moving.... To catch my breath!]

Well, life is full of uncertainties and for some it can quite terrifying! If I am not careful, I might letting the uncertainties of life to paralyze me with fears! This year, I learned so much about being patience and wait upon God. When He started something in me, He will definitely bring it to completion according to His perfect timing. [He will never too early, never late but always on time!]

I always remember that someone had wrote this for my brother that also speaks to me so much that I remembered it until today...

"God didn't promise you a smooth journey in your life,
but He promised to walk with you every steps of your life!"

Recently, due to some uncertainties that I am facing, God never fails to show me that He is faithfully keeping His promises. And I am clinging to His faithfulness. My future is in His hands! The race is on and I am hanging on to His strength to journey on this race.

[Ting... Ting... Where is my next destination? I don't know but I am trusting the *Train Driver to lead me to the destination that He always wanted me to go!
*(The Train Driver who is my God who loves me unconditionally)]

Friday, January 3, 2014

[PRE-Twenty Fourteen] What a GREAT Lost!

[I wanted to write this post before Christmas but it was so difficult to put into words. Therefore this post was delayed until today]

It wasn't nice and it was painful when I received a sad news early in the morning, that one of my ex-radiologist from my previous work place passed away due to myocardial infarction [heart attack]! I wasn't really that close to him but there was two incidences with him that had make me harder to accept his sudden passing!

I didn't have a good working relationship with him at first; he made me so upset one day on the phone and I was so disappointed with him. Until one fine night, I dreamed about him! I was so surprised and it was really strange [strange not because I dreamed about him but the dream changed my perceptive about him!] I even wrote a post about it [] Personally, I don't believe in coincidence, therefore the dream wasn't coincidence, God was preparing me to see a different side of him in real life! Guess what, few months after that, something took place and changed our working relationship! To my [and also some of colleagues] surprise, he came to me and talked to me like a friend! From then onwards, I really enjoyed working with him.

A month before I left to a different work place, I came across a case where I was working with him. Due to some miscommunication, he became a little agitated and he scolded me! I was so upset and I knew it was just some miscommunication in between. Since it was my last month of working, so I didn't take his scolding seriously where I just accepted it without being angry at him. Shortly after the case finished, I continued with my work, suddenly he came in into the examination room to check the radio-graphs, then, he talked to me nicely regarding the incidence that took place and he reassured me.

[His assurance was one of the many great memories that I had before I left; also cherished and missed!]

Sadly, I left my work place without saying goodbye to him because he wasn't around on my last day! Thought of going back to meet him but now, it will be something that I can't do it anymore!

[You'll be deeply missed and always remembered!]

The fragility of life is way beyond our imagination! Don't take things for granted especially your loved ones and friends. Therefore, here is my suggestion, why not take this year as the opportunity to spend more quality times with your loved ones and also your friends!

Blessed New Year!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Left Too Long...

My last post was so long ago! Many things to write about but some are very difficult to put into words. Recently, I went through many emotional roller-coaster rides. I will, surely will, will write it down but maybe not now because my thoughts are still pretty messy and everywhere which I need to put it down one by one and also arrange it properly. It definitely requires a little bit time to do it.

Please bear with me and I will surely come back again!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Tiny Life [Miniature Effect]

[These snapshots were taken with my iPhone 3GS 
and edited with Snapseed]

[But sometimes I think it's such a simple thing
I close my eyes and I realize
All I really need is the love I have
And the love I have to give
Anything else there is, is insignificant
In this TINY LIFE.
- taken from Danny Gokey's song, Tiny Life]